Bringing it all together


Weddings and Union ceremonies affirm that the shared journey of loving relationships is dearest to the heart and soul. These relationships serve to deepen individual growth and personal understanding. They offer the hope and promise of love, support, comfort, joy, and companionship along the journey.

Ceremonies are very special occasions to be celebrated with joy, creativity, and hope. These celebrations can serve to connect past traditions with the hopes of the future. It is a joining of two lives together and a fullness of each individual. It is also the joining of two families, past traditions and values that are important to the couple.

Services can be traditional or non-traditional, religious or non-religious, simple or elaborate. They are created to be unique to each couple.  Each ceremony reflects the unique personalities of the couple, making the day memorable.

Rev. Carol Wetherill, an Interfaith minister is happy to work with couples on planning and officiating a unique ceremony that will make your special day wonderfully memorable. As a non-denominational Interfaith Minister services are offered to people of ALL faiths in Baltimore DC -metro and its surrounding areas.

Premarital counseling is also available for those who desire to creatively explore vital issues of a harmonious union, before saying “I do”. It is an opportunity to explore  desires, needs,values, beliefs, understandings more deeply before the wedding.

Workshops for creating your own rituals or celebrations are available.

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