Bringing it all together
Variation on a theme
Variation on a theme

Variation on a theme

I used to believe that humanity was basically good and believing and acting in good ways would make the world a better place. I thought others thought that way..

In retrospect it was naively optimistic..

I knew there was a dark element to “some” of mankind, but believed good would somehow triumph

As the years went by.. I was constantly disappointed when people did not live up to the goodness in nature that I believed everyone owned. I was hurt by actions that defied compassionate understanding and showed the darkest of humanness and it hurt the heart. How can awful things happen in a world of supposedly good wanting people?

So the world view had to change..truth be told.. people have the capacity to be good and  they have the ability to be awful, truly awful.. And only they know the circumstances that causes them to behave as they do, and they may not even understand their own behavior. Who knows the level of inner pain or turmoil that causes them to express and inflict painful ways of being on others…

So if in my nature, I know the depth of my own pain and on occasion painful expression to others..then I must honor the positive…if I choose to make the world better..than I need to express positive into the world..hope by my positive treatment of others… it will ease the level of pain going in to others…if nothing more than to give them a respite from inflicting more pain…give them space to work through their own pain and see something more positive so they may too express ore positive in the world

And so it goes, one by one..