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Valuing Process Partners
Valuing Process Partners

Valuing Process Partners

“We are the instrument that is being refined… Our soul expression is becoming more embodied.”

As the new year begins..  I would like to invite you all to consider a gift to yourself and the world- a process partner…. Process is  not just about process in the treatment room.

It seems like a practical professional matter to engage with a “practice partner” to improve our skills… and yes, proficiency is a good reason, but there is so much more you may not have considered…

These past 20 years, I have been fortunate to have several process partners in my journey with self-discovery, soul searching and soul lightening work. It has been a blessing; a journey of shared joy, tears and wonderment.

Having a process partner, is having a relationship with a partner who is committed to their and your soul evolution; someone who commits to work with you on a regular basis, processing life as it unfolds. It is a relationship of truth telling and being with what is. It’s a shared journey into deeper self-awareness, acceptance and much more.

Sometimes the journey into ourselves can feel isolated when we can only travel our path into deeper understanding.  It is a solo journey into spirit. In these times, it is invaluable to have a trusted partner who knows our story as it has been unfolding. They cannot do our work or walk for us, but they can walk beside us. They can be present to us in compassion and joy. A partner can be invaluable in holding soul consciousness in the midst of exploring the less desired parts of ourselves and still see the best and wholeness of us. We can together explore, with appreciation, the amazing possibilities of soul unfolding, that our friends and family may not have a context or be able to share with us.

Overtime, we build trust and confidence not only in ourselves and each other but in our skills that are continually evolving as we evolve.

Process partners may change over time and or not. Having a single process partner for years can deepen the exploration and build a lasting friendship. Or, if one partner is available less frequently, then have more than 1 partner, but do the work. There are advantages and disadvantages to multiple partners. It may take longer to build rapport and trust if sessions are farther apart in time; that is just what it is. I have found that different process partners allowed me to bring out different parts of myself as my journey and life stages took twists and turns. Sometimes I find my partner is walking a journey similar to mine and our searching overlaps. Other times another’s energy is needed to interface what is coming through next for me. Sometimes it is a quality of being that is explored. Each person on our journey brings different possibilities.  Any way you go, you learn to trust the journey of having a process partner. You learn to trust yourself and living with the process. All partners come to a place that works for them. Its not about the how. its about our “doing the work”.

Consider the level of connection and interface that can be achieved when we have frequently done our own work, uncovering more of our true soul expression and how that helps other, by our very presence, come into fuller self-expression.

This expression goes with us into our waking world anytime, anywhere…not just the treatment room, and so we walk this understanding in our very being

This is the beauty of the work, as we do more of our own work regularly, we become more clear. We resonate more clearly in our expression of our soul, and more deeply with Spirit. We have more depth and breadth of love, joy, compassion, acceptance, understanding. The more depth and breadth we embody… the greater the field we create. Others feel it… then they too can be more comfortable in perhaps sharing their soul expression…  We are the instrument that is being refined… Our soul expression is becoming more embodied.”

We invite soul expression and evolution with each breath and step we take…