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Transformational Bodywork

Transformational Bodywork

Transformational bodywork draws from many disciplines, adopting an integrative mind body spirit approach while addressing issues within the body. Therapeutic bodywork modalities include; Neuromuscular therapy, and myofascial release. Healing Arts modalities include Process Acupressure, Reiki and other Craniosacral and Zero Balance techniques. If desired, many of these modalities also offer opportunities for self-discovery, encouraging balance, inner peace, healing and wholeness.

Massage therapy assists in relieving tension, stress and pain in your body by increasing circulation and easing restrictions in the body. Increased circulation helps bring nutrients and oxygen to the cells, hand helps the body work more efficiently. Stretching muscles and fascia allows for greater freedom of movement. When the body works more efficiently, we also think and feel better, and are refreshed and feel rested.

Sessions are highly individualized therapeutic sessions to meet the specific needs of clients in a gentle and effective way. I offer a unique blend of advanced modalities drawing from eastern traditions and western clinical modalities.

Healing arts promotes the integration of body, mind, and Spirit. These modalities offer deep relaxation, are often used for stress reduction, and invite the possibilities of deeper healing. Healing is not the same as curing. Even when cures may not be possible, healing of Spirit and emotions may provide comfort and assist the body’s intrinsic physical healing abilities. Although as of yet, research has not proved its efficacy, these modalities are an excellent complement to your health care program and are not intended to replace medical care.

Sessions are designed to release tension and stressors, increase flexibility, reduce pain, and invite a deep level of relaxation suitable for self-discovery.

Essential oils may also be incorporated by request to address a variety of issues.

The style of  integrated bodywork I use allows most clients to remain fully cloth while lying face up on a massage table allowing for a greater level of personal comfort.

*I am happy to refer those persons seeking general massage for relaxation commonly called “Swedish massage” to any of my colleagues at the center.

Carol Wetherill is a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of MD