Bringing it all together
SOS- Spirit of SEVA

SOS- Spirit of SEVA

An experiment in giving.

In many cultures around the world there is a practice of giving service from the heart with no expectation of personal gain. (Seva) benefits the giver as well as the receiver. Acts of compassionate service demonstrate our connection to all beings and their well-being. We believe that this kind of selfless service promotes a spirit of authenticity, honesty, integrity, and generosity that is deeply
needed in the world. At our Spirit of SEVA Clinics, our practitioners offer SEVA Acupressure. This is a special form of bodywork that supports and balances the whole-being, body, mind, emotions, and soul. All of the
practitioners and administrators of this project donate their time, skill, talent and love.

The receiver is invited to pass this gift on to others by offering some kind of service in the world.