Bringing it all together


If you love a good foot massage, consider a reflexology session. Drawing from eastern traditions of energy movement, Reflexology brings all the relaxation of a good foot massage and wellness benefits too. Reflexology works by activating reflexes using the meridians that pass through the feet and corresponding areas in the body, In this way the entire body is represented and invites the whole body to release tension and stress.

During a session you get to lie back comfortably. You will stay fully clothed except for the lower leg shins, ankles, and feet.  A lite oil or crème is used to aid in flow of strokes. A firm and gentle massage of the feet/ankles will warm the area to prepare for deeper work of the reflexes. Both feet will be addressed with reflexology finger, thumb, and hand movements that will work each area of the feet.

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes. Most people find it deeply relaxing and you may also be surprised at the added health benefits you may discover throughout your body. Just as with any bodywork, there are some contraindications (reasons why not to), so please contact me for more information