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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Personal Growth Services offer opportunities to get the most from your life. It’s about thriving, not just surviving. It’s about tapping into that part of ourselves that aspires to be all we can be in spite of some everyday limitations. Personal growth services focus on bringing mind, body, and spirit into an integrated being working towards wholeness, wellness, authenticity and connection.

Workshops are a wonderful to learn new skills and ways of being in the body, mind and spirit. All workshops are experiential in nature offering a combination of hands on experience and academic foundation. A variety of topics are offered. Workshops are limited in size to assure ease of learning.

Sacred Ceremonies & Rituals to honor the significance in your life. Rituals comes in all sizes from mundane daily habits to the more sacred moments of meditation and rites of passage. Workshops are available to learn to create your own rituals and ceremonies. .

Coaching offers a relationship which gives you someone in your corner who offers objectivity, support, encouragement, accountability, enthusiasm, and empowerment to assist you in identifying and clarifying your goals.

Spiritual care, is support, offered in times of change, need for compassion, need for exploration in hope, fear, joy; or anytime a connection to something deeper is welcomed.

Hypnotherapy Let your unconscious and conscious mind work together. Learn what hypnosis is and is not and how you can use it for self empowerment.

Inner Resources is an experiential program designed to offer participants greater self awareness. Each class offers an opportunity to explore a deeper  understanding of their unique, individual talents, gifts and strengths. Activities vary but often include meditation, acupressure for self-care, creativity exercises, awareness breathing, drumming, and many more.

Lunch and Learn is an informal gathering over lunch. there is a short presentation while you have lunch and short activities follow including conversation and question and answer.

Please call or email to reserve your seat, space is limited.

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