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Life Celebrations & Memorials

Life Celebrations & Memorials

Life and death are both an integral part of Being.

For those left behind, there is a often a need to mourn, grieve and then move towards healing. Often it is the ritual ceremony, the funeral, memorial, or life celebration to honor of the departed which allows grieving loved ones to come to closure, say goodbye, or share time remembering the one who has passed and moved on.

For others, it is a celebration of a life well lived and a promise of eternal life. Funerals, memorials, or life celebrations are created and officiated according to the wishes, customs and spiritual beliefs of family and friends of the departed.

Meaningful Ceremonies help us with the process of celebrating, grieving, accepting, and moving forward in our lives that has now been changed. It is a way of remembering those who are no longer with us and creating space in our life for ourselves and things to come.

Each ceremony can be tailored to meet the requested needs of the departed as well as family and friends who remain. Ceremonies can be simple or complex, religious, non-religious, but always from the heart and soul.