Bringing it all together
Distance Sessions

Distance Sessions

I am happy to say I am making the transition to providing some new services via phone or video that may be useful.

For those of you that have experienced SEVA Stress Release acupressure, I am now able to offer that via zoom (video) by basically leading you through the holding of the points, almost like a guided meditation, and inviting in that same relaxing state. As the name SEVA indicates – it is an act of compassionate service – It’s free. Takes about 1/2 hr. So if you have been hesitant about coming out into public areas, but need some support.. it’s something you might consider. Let me know and we can discuss it more.

Coaching and Spiritual Care have always been available via phone call and I can now offer zoom (video) for those services. Reiki is a service that also allows for distance sessions and can be done via zoom. These services are available at usual rates.

Also – Coming soon

I am planning on resuming some community services like morning meditation – via zoom and a few other conversation type offerings like Lunch and Learn. It’s a learning curve but I feel up to the challenge. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with many of you in new and interesting ways. Hoping to get things posted on the website soon.