Bringing it all together


Blessings are a part of all walks of life and spiritual traditions. They come in many forms and are an invitation to connection with the Divine.

Blessings are often exchanged with each other as an acknowledgement of the sacredness of life. It is one of the many ways in which we celebrate and cherish the special moments of life.

From a Judeo-Christian perspective, a blessing asks for “God’s favor.” By custom, children are blessed, homes are blessed, pets and work places are blessed.

Many blessings center around children. In many traditions, specialized ceremonies offer sacred blessings which are bestowed in welcoming a newborn child, or in dedicating a child to the service of God. In the Christian tradition, this blessing is often referred to as a Christening. Other blessing ceremonies include naming a child, or welcoming older children into a family through adoption. In blessing a child, the whole family is blessed.

Homes and work spaces are places that we inhabit many hours of a day. For some, blessings of these spaces bring the sacred into everyday moments by inviting the Divine’s presence within.

In recent years, blessing pets has become popular as it represents the understanding that all beings, including animals, are seen as being part of Divine creation.

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